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Do you use iTunes on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or PC and in search of unused free iTunes cards? If that’s true, then you have just landed on the right page on the web. We provide 50 free iTunes gift card codes of $50 each to every visitor which can easily be redeemed to get different new stuff from Apple Stores such as latest songs, apps, Television shows, movies etc. As a whole, you can perform a lot of tasks using the free iTunes redeem codes. But there is only one obstacle to that:- you need to spend your precious money regularly from your own pocket. Everyday new songs, apps, Television shows and movies are being uploaded to the  Apple Stores and to get yourself updated with the latest hot stuffs, you need to spend a hell of a lot of money to buy the free iTunes redeem codes that work. To help you with this issue, we bring you a updated database of free iTunes codes from where you can get 50 codes instantly.

               In our database, the unused iTunes codes are generated by using a pattern matching algorithm based on the semantic structures of used iTunes Gift Card codes that we collect from web as well as collected by our teams from their local gift stores. All used codes are removed from our database after each download and fresh unused iTunes codes are automatically added  after each 2 minutes into our database after detection. Our codes are compatible with all devices including  iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and PC – both Mac and Windows.

There is nothing to be worry about because here we will provide you with 50 most recent & unused free iTunes gift card codesThe codes get automatically updated in our server after each interval of 2 minutes so that you can get the most recent free iTunes codes to use. So, how to get free iTunes gift cards from our database? Click on the following button below to get started to download your personalized file with codes of 50 free iTunes cards that worth $2500.

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No need to sign up, earn any points or to do anything else to get the free codes list. Just click on the above button  and follow the simple steps below.

Make sure to read the following 2 steps carefully before you proceed.

Step I

Click on the above Button. A new page will be opened in a new tab. Click on the download button over there which will show a pop up to complete a simple offer.

Step II

Choose an offer carefully and complete it. It hardly takes around 2 minutes to complete an offer. Make sure to use real information to complete the offer. After the successful completion, a text file with 50 codes of iTunes codes worth $2500 total will be automatically downloaded from our server database to your device.

Isn’t it simple? Only 2 simple steps to follow and that will give you 50 codes of $2500 worth free iTunes cards.

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Some Stuffs that you really need to see:

Here is a $50 iTunes gift card collected by our local team at a gift shop in New York city. But it has been used which we will use to generate new unused codes using a pattern maching algorithm, based on semantic structure of these used iTunes Gift Cards.

Here is a $50 iTunes gift card collected by our local team at a gift shop in New York city. We will use such codes to generate new codes using a pattern maching algorithm.

free itunes gift card codes

I am holding the reverse side of a $50 iTunes gift card collected by our team at a gift shop in New York city.


Why to take part in the survey to get the free iTunes gift card codes?



Why do I need to complete an offer? It annoys me.

We understand that you are annoyed to complete any offer before downloading the file. But our teams who continuously work to get codes from web, search them in different gift stores in their local cities for feeding them to our algorithm and who maintain the Algorithm that filters out the already used codes along with adding new codes require something in return of the iTunes codes. So in return, you must complete one offer and then, 50 codes are completely yours.

Each of our code worth $50. Hence, each file worth 50 X $50 = $2500. To get that much worth of free codes list, you just need to click on the above button and complete a simple offer.It will hardly take a couple of minutes of your time. But we assure you that it will definitely worth your time.

So, get the free iTunes codes list yourself and then you will know what we are really into.  Just follow the above 2 steps to get the free codes file. Get it and enjoy the 50 iTunes codes of $50 each just for free.


How do I use an iTunes Gift Card Code?

How do I use an iTunes gift card code you may inquire? Now that you have obtained a iTunes gift card, you need to know how to exchange the code for credits, so to help you through the procedure I have listed the steps below you need to follow to get your unused iTunes codes exchanged and prepared to be spent!

1.    Initial download and install the newest version of iTunes.

2.     Start iTunes, from your Desktop or Start Menu in Windows, or from your Dock or Applications folder in Mac OS X.

3.     In the Sources list, click on the iTunes Store.


4.    In the right-hand column of the iTunes Store, click the Redeem link.









At the Redemption page, cautiously enter in your free iTunes redeem code.

If you do not already have an iTunes Store account, you will be asked to create one after correctly entering in your iTunes Store gift certificate. A credit card is not required to set up an account if you followed these directions.

5.    Your gift certificate balance will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the iTunes Store window. Then you can now browse, download, and enjoy the unused iTunes codes for free.

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